Seq-Gen  v.1.3.2

Seq-Gen is a software that will simulate the evolution of nucleotide or amino acid sequences along a phylogeny, using common models of the substitution process.

BaTS  v.1.0 Beta Build 2

BaTS (Bayesian Tip-Significance testing), phylogeny-trait association is defined as the extent to which neighbouring taxa in a phylogenetic tree share a character of interest. This may be a classical phenotypic trait, a molecular attribute, disease


FastME  v.2.07

Phylogeny reconstruction made easy.

DNAdistree  v.1.0

DNAdistree is a utility for distance-based phylogeny inference from DNA sequences. More precisely, DNAdistree performs several successive steps: 1. it reads DNA sequence alignments (nucleotides or codons); 2. it estimates unbiased pairwise distances

SISSI: Simulating Sequence Evolution with Site-Specific Interactions  v.1.0

Simulating Sequence Evolution with Site-Specific Interactions. SISSI is a utility tool to generate data of related sequences along a given phylogeny, taking into account user defined system of neighbourhoods and instantaneous rate matrices.

Phight  v.1.0

Phight - a phylogeny tree building program Currently, it supports Likelihood method and distance method.

SeqVerter  v.

SeqVerter is a free sequence file format conversion utility by GeneStudio, Inc. SeqVerter encapsulates a small subset of the features offered by the GeneStudio™ Pro suite of programs.

DARwin5  v.5.0.0158

DARwin is a software package developed for diversity and phylogenetic analysis on the basis of evolutionary dissimilarities.

MSight  v.3.0.1

MSight is a new vision in Mass Spectrometry Imaging. MSight, created by the Proteome Informatics Group, was specifically developed for the representation of mass spectra along with data from the separation step.

Malin  v.1.0

Malin (Maximum Likelihood Analysis of Intron Evolution) is a utility package for the analysis of eukaryotic gene structure evolution.

NJPlot  v.2.3

Create phylogenetic trees with this tool. NJplot is a tree drawing software able to draw any phylogenetic tree expressed in the Newick phylogenetic tree format (e.g., the format used by the PHYLIP package).

FigTree  v.1.3.1

FigTree is a graphical viewer of phylogenetic trees. It is a graphical viewer of phylogenetic trees and as a software for producing publication-ready figures. As with most of my programs, it was written for my own needs so may not be as polished and

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